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October 30, 2004
Who does Bin Laden want to win our election?
There's an article on CNN.com that has a lot of information about the new Bin Laden tape. It is reminding of the threat that we still face and, even though he is still halfway around the world, another tape released this week warns us that the threat is even closer to home because the tape was made by a terrorist who is American.

So who is going to make us safer? Who is going to keep our country and our interests safe from terrorists? Sorry Mr. Moore but there IS a terrorist threat. (Moore has been saying, "There is no terrorist threat in this country. This is a lie. This is the biggest lie we've been told.")

Michael Moore is Punkvoter's man. He's been glorified on their site. Anti Flag has been performing on his lecture tour, adequately named The Slacker Uprising Tour.

So why would I listen to Punkvoter and people with this unrealistic worldview? They aren't going to make me safer. Maybe they're like John Kerry and simply want to dumb down terrorism until it's just a nuisance. Really, I think radicals like Punkvoter have let their irrational hatred for President Bush cloud their perception of world events. They hate him for what happened in the last election. From them on they have refused to believe anything Bush says and they have consistently took the opposite position from him on just about every issue, no matter what entirely bullshit conspiracy theory they have to concoct to make their argument sound logical.

That must be why Punkvoter has believed that 'war for oil' nonsense. They couldn't bring themselves to trust George Bush when he told the country that we weren't going to take Saddam's crap anymore. For10 years he did not cooperate with the world when inquired about his WMD ambitions. Consider that he was on "parole" at the time... in other words, we could have done a regime change in 1991 but we let him stay under certain conditions. So 10 years later we had enough. There were 17 UN resolutions against Saddam. 17! That's why John Kerry is full of crap when he says that Bush didn't give the UN enough time. Punkvoter, rather, will attribute it to wild conspiracy theories asserted as fact but based on paranoid assumptions.

Well I believe that George Bush is truthful (mostly) and that he is worlds more genuine than those typically fake senators whom he is running against. John Kerry and John Edwards are just another couple of super liberal wimps to come out of the Washington bureaucracy that Fat Mike and Jello Biafra have always been complaining about. Kerry and Edwards are just a couple of Jimmy Carters. (And there is a reason why Jimmy Carter was a 1 termer and no one as liberal as him has been president for over 20 years.)

So how are Kerry and Edwards going to make me safer from terrorism? John Kerry has largely opposed increased defense and intelligent spending, even after 9/11. But those are just the kind of priorities that Punkvoter has. To them, raising taxes on the country to subsidize college tuitions is an issue that deserves a whole lot of empshasis but I have never heard Punkvoter or any of their bands speak strongly about terrorism.

I want to believe John Kerry when he says that he will do a better job than President Bush at fighting terrorism but he fails to mention how. His senate record doesn't convince me. He doesn't seem to see the value of a democratic Iraq in a post-9/11 world. His flip flopping opinions about Iraq (meant to make him "everything to everyone" I guess) dillude his credibility. And this is the man Punkvoter wants to be president. The defeat of terrorism appears to be on Senator Kerry's lips but not on his mind, just as it is not on the mind of Punkvoter.

Punkvoter believes America is ultimately to blame for terrorism. They believe our foreign policies are at fault. Our policies are not perfect but our aim has been and always has been to bring peace to that dangerous region. That is the aim of the war on terror, because a democratic Middle East will be peaceful.

People like Fat Mike, Anti Flag, Jello Biafra, Straylight Run, Bad Religion, et al will never believe what I just said because their foundation of thought lies in one axiom: "George Bush is a liar." They sound like our enemies. They sound just like Bin Laden when he says,
"Although we are ushering the fourth year after 9/11, Bush is still exercising
confusion and misleading you and not telling you the true reason."

Who is going to make us safer?

October 07, 2004
Punkvoter lies about draft
There is no draft. A lot of people have been talking about it but any fear of it has already been laid to rest since Congress overwhelmingly voted against legislation for it. At the same time major news outlets have finally come forth and reported that it was proposed by Democrats (not the "evil" Rupblicans). The man who drafted it, Charlie Rangel, ended up voting against it. Many people, including me, think that it was designed to do exactly what it accomplished: scare people.

But it is not an issue anymore. The draft bill is dead.

Unless you are Punkvoter. In Punkvoter world, a place where logic is absent, there is somehow something suspicious enough about a draft bill sponsored by Democrats and rejected by a 402-2 vote to say this:
"Congress brought up reinstating the draft legislation this week with only a few
short days of session left to play politics and try and silence our voice about
who is really fighting their war and why. (they tried to sneak this legislation
onto the Congressional calander to say they are against a draft - but don't be
folled by a political vote - this is the same bunch of folks that lied to us
about WMD and this war in the first place)"

Only people as paranoid as Fat Mike and Jello Biafra could turn the defeat of their draft fear mongering into a new conspiracy theory. Now they are claiming that there already exists a draft -- actually 3 -- in these forms:
  1. The Poverty Draft: "45 million Americans are without healthcare…and being drafted to fight their wars is not the answer!" Does this mean that if you don't have healthcare you will be drafted? Even their most ardent supporters most be able to see through this nonsense.
  2. The Backdoor Draft: "Thousands of our nation’s reserves our being forced to serve longer than they ever signed up for and put their family in major hardships…and being drafted to fight their wars is not the answer!" I'm sorry to tell you this but if you join the reserves you should know that you might be called up to active duty. That is the purpose of having the reserves!
  3. The Education Draft: "Education costs have risen 29% in the last three years, No Child Left Behind has not been fully funded and Pell Grant funding has forced kids to not be able to go to college…. being drafted to fight their wars is not the answer!!" How many people do you know could not afford to go to college? Better yet, how many people were so desperate for a job that they had to join the military? I know some people who joined the military for the education benefits... AND because they wanted to be in the military. This is not rocket science. Well, maybe it is to some punks...

When Punkvoter brings up the subject of the draft it is simply to SCARE you. That's how desperate they are to have Bush defeated in the election.

October 06, 2004
Punkvoter mischaracterizes Fox News audience
According to Punkvoter, people who watch Fox News are stupid: "Study reveals Fox News viewers to be dumb! We could've told ya that!"

Their proof? When comparing Bill O'Reilly's audience to the audience of The Daily Show, it was found that Daily Show viewers were more likely to have completed 4 years of college.

The same "intelligent" punks that claim that an entire military campaign was waged solely for oil now want to equate Bill O'Reilly's audience with the entire Fox News audience, and at the same time high five themselves for watching The Daily Show. Well I have news for you if you watch The Daily Show. It is not a serious news program! It is really sad if that is where you get your news from. It is despicably anti-Bush and anti-Republican, and often times bends the facts. That's ok because it is supposed to be that way. So watch it to laugh, not learn.

Now I have a question for Punkvoter... how many of your bands have completed 4 years of college???

September 13, 2004
Anti Flag's Punkvoter comp. misinformation essay
Justin Sane of Anti Flag has written an essay to be included in the next Punkvoter compilation liner notes. This is a great essay because it shows you exactly how screwed up he and the other bands involved with Punkvoter look at the world.

Justin names the "alternative" news sources from which he gets his news. (Apparently the mainstream media isn't biased against Bush enough for these people. I don't think they have paid attention over the past few years to the excessive coverage of war protesters, Michael Moore, Richard Clarke, the Bush National Guard controversy, etc., while negative reporting on John Kerry happens only reluctantly.) The primary "news" sources that Justin recommends are democracynow.org and flashpoints.net. I don't know about you but I would rather trust a news source that is well funded and can investigate their own stories instead of relying on rogue conspiracy theorists for their sources. Also these web sites espouse conspiracy theories even zanier than Punkvoter could ever imagine and support such wrong headed policies as slave reparations and defending proven cop killers like Mumia Abu-Jamal.

When you realize that Anti Flag and the like get their news from bad sources then it is easier to understand how they can be so wrong on some issues. For example, Justin makes fun of President Bush for his Healthy Forests Initiative. He mocks Bush for being stupid enough to say that cutting down trees will prevent forest fires. Well who is the stupid one Justin? When you have wildfire problems then you should cut down certain trees to keep future fires from spreading and later burning down someone's home. Unfortunately a simple minded punk can only make sense of the issue by introducing a conspiracy theory. "Bush only signed the initiative to please his buddies in the lumber business!" Sorry, but that doesn't explain how the initiative passed Congress.

Justin also attacks the President's Clear Skies Initiative. On the surface it does appear sketchy because it relaxes some environmental regulations, but overally it is an effective approach to curb pollutants. It is based on regulations made during the 90s to curb acid rain. People complained then too but it worked. The idea is to let the free market drive the need for cleaner standards instead of command-and-control regulations. The Clear Skies Initiative is not perfect but it's a good step forward. You can read more about it here. (Or should we not trust the article because it's not from an "alternative" news source?)

There are more things to be pointed out in Justin Sane's essay but they follow the same premise: Attack Bush based on some policy he never bothered to research, back it up with uncredible sources, incite fear, and then claim that Bush is the one who exploits fear for political purposes.

What matters right now is defeating terrorism. How do you think we should defeat it, Justin? Do your "alternative" news sources tell you that the source of terrorism is in fundamental Islam funded by fascist Arab regimes, or do they tell you that America is to blame? Which one are you scared of most?

This needs to be repeated
If Bush lied about invading Iraq -- if he is really as corrupt as Punkvoter and the Michael Moores of the world claim he is -- then WHY HASN'T HE BEEN IMPEACHED?

Certainly there is enough evidence in Moore's movie Farenheit 9/11 to impeach him, right? That is, if the movie is at all accurate.

If Clinton could get impeached for lying about an affair then surely Bush should have been impeached by now, right??? Or are you going to come up with a new conspiracy theory to answer that?

No Clear Channel-Bush conspiracy
The latest Punkvoter conspiracy theory is that President Bush got the FCC to loosen media ownership rules because he is connected to Clear Channel.

How is Bush connected to Clear Channel? Because in 1998 Tom Hicks bought the Texas Rangers baseball team from Bush. Tom Hicks became a Clear Channel vice president 3 YEARS LATER. Wow, the evidence is overwhelming!

So let me get this straight -- Bush and Hicks were involved in a business transaction. 3 years later Bush became president. He appointed Michael Powell to be the FCC chairman. Then Hicks is hired by Clear Channel. Then in 2003 Michael Powell (not Bush) votes to loosen media ownership rules.

Either Fat Mike is the latest Sherlock Holmes, or he is a goddamn idiot. So let me fill you in on something Fat Mike. Conservatives believe in loose media regulation. It's part of our philosophy. Not everything is a conspiracy theory!

Bush justifies Iraq invasion
From a campaign speech (sorry, I lost the link from where I got it):
"He was defying the world. He was firing weapons at American pilots enforcing the world's sanctions. He had pursued and used weapons of mass destruction against his own people. He'd harbored terrorists, invaded his neighbors. He subsidized the families of suicide bombers. He had murdered tens of thousands of his own citizens. He was a source of great instability in the world's most volatile region. I took those threats seriously. After September the 11th, we had to look at the threats in a new light. One of the lessons of September the 11th is we must deal with threats before they fully materialize.
We looked at the intelligence and we saw a threat. Members of the United States Congress from both political parties, including my opponent, looked at the intelligence and they saw a threat. (applause) We went to the United Nations which unanimously demanded a full accounting of Saddam Hussein's weapons programs or 'face serious consequences.' After twelve years of defiance, he refused to comply with the demands of the free world. When he continued to deceive the weapons inspectors, I had a decision to make -- to hope for the best and to trust the word of a madman and a tyrant, or remember the lessons of September the 11th and defend our country. Given that choice, I will defend America every time!"
I think this speaks for itself. It's unfortunate that such powerful words are too easily dismissed by paranoid punk conspiracy theorists.

August 19, 2004
Punkvoter protest fears unfounded
In Punkvoter world (which is a little different than the real world) police in NYC are doing their best to stop protests during the Republican convention. By reading their news item on August 11 it sounds as if there is yet another conspiracy to silence dissent in this country. (I'm having a hard time keeping up with these conspiracy theories.)

Either Punkvoter didn't bother to read the actual articles they used as sources or they are trying to purposely scare people. The articles themselves clear up any notion that someone is trying to silence the protesters. Here are the points Punkvoter makes plus the FACTS that dispute them:

* "New York City is denying permits for a peaceful protest in Central Park claiming 'the Great Lawn’s grass would be damaged'???" -- Um, yes, that is exactly right. It is the DEPARTMENT OF PARKS AND RECREATION that has denied the permit. It makes absolute sense because they predict that over 250,000 protesters will show up. That is a lot of people. The Parks Department decided that it was less important for people to protest at Central Park than for the people of NYC to pay the exorbitant clean up and relandscaping costs. So what, just go protest elsewhere.

* "NYPD are spying on our citizens who choose to voice their disappointment with Dubya! Police are now infiltrating protest organizations and being trained in new techniques of silencing dissention!" -- But if you read the article the first line states that the police are infiltrating groups the have PREVIOUSLY USED UNLAWFUL TACTICS. Basically there are protest groups that have a history of breaking the law and the police are working undercover to find out if these groups plan on doing it again. If you read even further you'll find out that indeed some of these groups are planning on blocking streets and keeping delegates from entering the convention. Some of these groups are NOT peaceful protesters. The police are doing their jobs, trying to keep the city safe and to keep the convention running.

THIS IS NOT BRAIN SURGERY. All you have to do is read the actual articles that Punkvoter uses as their sources and you'll realize how off base and out of this world Punkvoter is on these issues. Maybe paranoid and ignorant are better descriptions.

I think Dr Balls said it best when he compared Punkvoter to a moon landing conspiracy site.

August 10, 2004
Kerry Vietnam slander
I don't like these attacks against John Kerry's performance in Vietnam. To me, his service in Vietnam should not affect his candidacy and does not disqualify him for the presidency. Plus I think most or all of the attacks are false or exaggerated.

So do you see how MICHAEL MOORE is guilty of the same dirty tricks?

July 01, 2004
Then why hasn't Bush been impeached?
If all these conspiracies are true, then why hasn't Bush been impeached?

If he's not impeached because you think all politicians are corrupt, then why isn't there a public outcry for an impeachment?

If you think the public is too stupid to want to impeach Bush, then why does that make Punkvoter smarter than everyone else, since they are a collection of some of the most unproductive people in society?

Punkvoter opposes capitalism in Iraq
This one was so outrageous that I found it funny. Punkvoter said:
"According to economist Paul Krugman of the New York Times we gave Iraq some of our worse habits like privatization, cronyism, and lowering taxes for the new big businesses of Iraq."
So privatization and lowering taxes are bad? As you can see, these highly unintelligent punks have their ideals rooted in socialism.

They oppose privatization. Privatization is when a service is provided by NORMAL PEOPLE like you and me and not the government. The opposite is GOVERNMENT CONTROL. They portray Paul Bremer as an advocate for the privatization of factories, as if that's a bad thing! Would they like the government to run all of the factories here in the US?

They also oppose lowering taxes on big businesses, as if big businesses should be punished by raising taxes on them. Bush lowered taxes here in the US and it has fueled the economic recovery we are experiencing. And if you think we are not in the middle of economic recovery (despite having a 5.6% unemployment rate) then look no further than the fact that Punkvoter stopped talking about it. They're no longer trying to scare the kids into thinking that Bush has doomed our economy. Because they were WRONG.

What was gained by going to Iraq?
Punkvoter claims we gained nothing.

We just liberated an entire country. We are DECIMATING the insurgency. (Don't let the headlines get you down. For every unfortunate American casualty, there are a dozen insurgents killed or captured.) Saddam Hussein is going on trial.

Evidence of WMDs is surfacing slowly. (Joe at Anti-Anti-Flag.com does a good job pointing these things out.) Recently Secretary Rumsfeld said this about what the Polish Army has found in Iraq:
"Right now you have the Iraqi Survey Group, which is a multinational group that’s out there reviewing documentation and looking at suspect WMD sites. I was with the Polish minister of defense this weekend in Istanbul, Turkey at the NATO Summit. And in the course of that, he pointed out that his troops in Iraq had recently come across – I’ve forgotten the number, but something like 16 or 17 – warheads that contained sarin and mustard gas.

If you think about -- most people remember the image of where Saddam Hussein was captured in that hole -- that pit that he was living in. That pit, that hole in the ground was probably big enough to hold chemical and biological weapons sufficient to kill tens of thousands of people. And therefore, it is not hard to hide things in a country the size of California. It’s quite easy to hide things. In fact, we finally found a bunch of jet aircraft that they’ve buried underground."
Here is a great article talking about the benefits of the war:
"The war has had enormous beneficial effects with minimal negative consequences. A terrible tyrant was taken down. The filling of mass graves with 300,000 corpses were stopped. Plastic shredders for human beings were deactivated. Prisons for four to twelve year olds were closed. A democratic constitution has been drafted. Two-thirds of al-Qaeda’s leadership is gone. There hasn’t been a terrorist attack in America in more than two and a half years, something no one would have predicted after 9/11. By any objective standard, the Bush war on terror is a triumph."
ANd here is my favorite. This is what Bush himself said recently:
"The terrorists who attacked our country on September the 11th, 2001 were not protesting our policies; they were protesting our existence. Some say that by fighting the terrorists abroad since September the 11th, we only stir up a hornets' nest. But the terrorists who struck that day were stirred up already. If America were not fighting terrorists in Iraq and Afghanistan and elsewhere, what would these thousands of killers do? Suddenly begin leading productive lives of service and charity? Would the terrorists who beheaded an American on camera just be quiet, peaceful citizens, if America had not liberated Iraq? We're dealing here with killers who have made the death of Americans the calling of their lives, and America has made a decision about these terrorists. Instead of waiting for them to strike again in our midst, we will take the fight to the enemy."

Moore lies
I think alot of the reason Punkvoter started is because these guys have fallen into the Michael Moore conspiracy trap. Now that his BOGUS movie is in the theaters there are alot of reviews that point out how much the facts are skewed in the movie and how lies are blatantly told. Here is one from Slate:
"If we were going to make sure no Taliban or al-Qaida forces survived or escaped, we would have had to be more ruthless than I suspect that Mr. Moore is really recommending. And these are simply observations on what is "in" the film. If we turn to the facts that are deliberately left out, we discover that there is an emerging Afghan army, that the country is now a joint NATO responsibility and thus under the protection of the broadest military alliance in history, that it has a new constitution and is preparing against hellish odds to hold a general election, and that at least a million and a half of its former refugees have opted to return. I don't think a pipeline is being constructed yet, not that Afghanistan couldn't do with a pipeline."
To make things worse, Richard Clarke recently made a statement that debunks much of the basis of Moore's movie. It turns out that Clarke was the one who ordered the bin Laden family to be flown out of the US shortly after 9/11. Moore tries to turn this into a big Bush conspiracy but it was Clarke all along. (Ironically Moore used Clarked as a major source for his movie.)

There is this column by former NYC mayor Ed Koch (a Democrat) where he recalls Michael Moore comparing the terrorist insurgents in Iraq to American revolution minutemen (the same terrorists that have been cutting off people's heads and trying to stop democracy from being established). Ed Koch makes a great point that Moore, if living in the 1940s, would have opposed World War II. He also recalls Moore playing down the threat of terrorism by saying, "It is three times more likely that you will be struck by lightening than die from an act of terror." Well yes, that's probably true, but who would win the war against terror if we ignored it?

Michael Moore is a news source for Punkvoter. Conspiracy theories for conspiracy theorists.

If education funding is so bad...
...Then why is there a $2 billion surplus in education funding? Why is the federal government telling the states to "spend it or lose it"?

Don't believe this Punkvoter pessimism. More and more their posts resemble the Democrat party talking points of the day, which is just a bunch of desperate political attacks that never stick.

Bogus Bush story
I read the story that Punkvoter posted about Bush being crazy (from this Capitol Hill Blue story) and believing he was sent by God and acting paranoid all the time. It makes absolutely no sense. The story claims he is fixated on nothing but the 2004 election but meanwhile, in other news stories, Bush instead appears to be fixated on foreign policy and visits to other countries.

So how does a relatively unknown news site like Capitol Hill Blue have such an inside scoop with White House sources and yet NO OTHER NEWS AGENCY has reported this? Time magazine had an inside the White House story the following week and made no mention of Bush's "erratic behavior". This would be a much bigger story if it were true because all the Bush haters would be eating it up.

Then again, you won't believe that if you believe in conspiracy theories. You'll still believe that Bush controls the media.

Rigged LA Times poll
In an attempt to link Bush's declining approval ratings to the release of their Rock Against Bush cd (which I know was supposed to be a joke), Punkvoter used an LA Times poll that showed John Kerry beating George W Bush by 7 points.

But the poll wasn't accurate. On June 15 Roll Call (as reported by World Net Daily) points out that the poll was made up of more Democrats than Republicans: 38% Democrats and 25% Republicans.

May 25, 2004
Punkvoter AGAIN scaring people with media conspiracy theories
On May 21 Punkvoter said "Why does BushCo have to create fake pro-Dubya news when they already control most news sources anyways... I thought Fox News, Sinclair Broadcasting and Rush were already on the Dubya payroll?"

These people are INSANE. They put out blanket statements like these to get people riled up. Notice they'll never back wild assertions like these with facts. That's because this is America, not an Orwellian nightmare.

This is what happens when a guy who has made a living making dick and fart punk songs (Fat Mike) gets together with a paranoid, self righteous grown boy (Jello Biafra) who once said he was glad the space shuttle Challenger blew up.

Nothing wrong about Medicare ad
On May 21 Punkvoter claimed the latest Medicare ad was illegal and meant to further the Bush re-election campaign.

Well it is neither. Here is how CBS describes the ad:
In the television ad, a senior asks, "So how is Medicare changing?"

"It’s the same Medicare you’ve always counted on, plus more benefits like prescription drug coverage," an announcer replies. The ad goes on to tell seniors "You can always keep your same Medicare coverage" and "You can save with Medicare drug discount cards this June. And save more with prescription drug coverage in 2006."

The ad tells viewers that more information is available at 1-800-Medicare. A print ad delivers much the same message.

Neither ad mentions the role of President Bush or Congress is developing the new drug benefit.
Isn't it obvious how Punkvoter distorts the truth to further their radical agenda?

What it means to be conservative
Since Punkvoter and other far left liberals ignorantly smear conservatives as mean, racist, and stupid hicks, here are the true conservative beliefs.

  • Individual responsibility = individual rights
    Conservatives believe that each and every person is responsible for their own actions. People should not be sued or indicted because of someone else's neglect. This happens too often today, just read all of the looney lawsuits that are out there.

    But individual responsibility also means that each person is responsible for their own SUCCESS. That means people shouldn't rely on government mandated programs and "fairness" policies meant to disadvantage the successful to prop up the unsuccessful. Such ideas are themselves inherently unfair because they assume the unsuccessful are not capable of making it on their own, and that the successful must be punished in order to establish fairness. Conservatives believe everyone is equal and no one requires special help.

  • Smaller government = less taxes
    Taxes are a necessary burden in any governed society but conservatives believe overtaxing is wrong and creates problems. Conservatives believe that overtaxing the rich and middle classes in order to fund unnecessary social programs drives away successful businesses, as was witnessed in California when Gray Davis was governor. Overtaxing also means that corporations have less to spend on labor, meaning less employment, and is the reason why JFK, Reagan, and G W Bush all enacted tax cuts which strenghtened the economy each time.

    Liberals accuse conservatives of having sold out to corporations because of the conservative opposition to overtaxing. However we believe that people should KEEP WHAT THEY EARN. A person's income does not belong to the government and should not be treated as such.

  • Capitalism = freedom, strong economy
    "Capitalism demands the best of every man – his rationality – and rewards him accordingly. It leaves every man free to choose the work he likes, to specialize in it, to trade his product for the products of others, and to go as far on the road of achievement as his ability and ambition will carry him." - Ayn Rand

  • Strength = safety
    Conservatives believe that only by being the most powerful nation can we secure peace in the world. This means funding for a strong military, intelligence gather, and police force. Undermining our defense can only give power to our enemies. The rest of the world has nothing to fear of our strength because our intentions are good, and it will stay that way as long as we have democratically elected representatives.

  • Literal translation of law = democracy
    In our democracy laws are supposed to be passed by elected representatives but over the past 30 years an increasing amount of judges have reinterpreted law in order to change it or create new ones, undermining the authority of the legislative branch. Take abortion for example. Whether you agree with it or not, it was out of line for the Supreme Court to somehow interpret the Constitution to read that it guarantees the right to abortion. This is the sort of issue (along with gay marriage, or letting UN treaties overrule US law) that need to be debated and legislated by the legislative branch of government. Our government should not allow judges to "legislate from the bench".

  • Rush Limbaugh quotes
    Since Punkvoter tried tarnishing Rush Limbaugh's reputation by posting a single quote, here are 13 other quotes from him during the same week. I think these quotes explain a lot about the prison photo scandal and the war on terror.

    "There are people in this country who may not be on the side of the terrorists in Iraq, but their actions wouldn't be any different if they were, and those are Democrats and liberals who are anti-U.S. military and anti-victory."

    "There are some liberals who believe that we 'provoke' all this just by being who we are. They think that if we just cease and desist, the other side will not consider us a threat or an enemy anymore and they'll cease and desist. Those who have a brain and a contextual understanding of history know that that's dangerous, risky and absurd."

    "Some of the cockamamie conspiracy theories that the left has evolved to deal with this war in Iraq... This silly belief system that the U.S. is the focus of evil? This is what the left actually thinks."

    "Are we forgetting who is in these prisons? These are prisoners who have attempted to kill Americans."

    "We have so many people out there concerned about the human rights of a bunch of people who are murderers and terrorists, that I find it offensive."

    "Before we had ever seen a prison abuse photo, the Twin Towers had been blown to smithereens with our own airplanes, the Pentagon had been crashed into, and Wall Street Journal reporter Daniel Pearl had been beheaded. Long before these photos, this is who we're dealing with."

    "Al-Qaeda flew planes into the Trade Center and Pentagon, killing 3,000. If anybody tries to tell you that these prison pictures are responsible for Nick Berg's death, I want you to tell them to stuff it. This is just Al-Qaeda being who they are."

    "What was done in that prison is not something we want to sanction, but the proper way to handle it is behind closed doors, instead of trying to guilt trip the whole country and using it to harm the overall military effort."

    "If George Bush shows briefly the World Trade Center on a flag in a campaign ad, the left howl like they were bit in the head by a sex crazed horse, and yet we're supposed to look at all of these pictures from Abu Ghraib. It's political."

    "The left has taken those photos and tarred and feathered everybody in the military all the way up to the president. The same people who say they 'support the troops,' but give them one opportunity to dump on the troops, and they will take it."

    "The focus ought to be on what should we do to the terrorists who want to do this to other people and get rid of them, so the people like Nick Berg can have the freedom to go where they want to go."

    "What’s motivating all of the caterwauling that's coming from the so-called shocked, offended and outraged is politics. They see it as a political opportunity."

    "Solutions to problems happen in 30 or 60 minutes in this country on television. We have expectations in Iraq that are way above normal. There's been a total loss of historical perspective."

    May 17, 2004
    Punkvoter trying to scare people over Moore censorhip issue
    If you read Punkvoter's May 6 post then you would think you lived in an Orwellian nightmare. Don't let Punkvoter's paranoid and uninformed political knowledge fool you. Conspiracy theories cannot win in a debate with facts.

    The whole post inferred that major corporations were trying to block any all liberal viewpoints from being expressed in media. The post even ended with a typical paranoid exclamation, bolded capital letters and all: "THIS IS HAPPENING TO OUR FREE SPEECH EVERY WHERE!"

    Well, point for point:
    * "First CBS last fall yanked 'The Reagans' miniseries and aired it on Showtime instead. CBS executives said they did not cave to right-wing pressure but pulled the show because it portrayed the Reagans unfairly and had a liberal bias." -- The movie wasn't biased, it was mostly not factual. The movie did not air due to many complaints by ORDINARY CITIZENS (right-wing or otherwise).

    * "Then Howard Stern gets kicked off the airwaves and fined to death for being anti-Bush!" -- Nice try Punkvoter, but Stern was removed from Clear Channel radio stations (maybe other stations too, but certainly not every single radio station in the country) for being indecent. Everyone knows how crude and obscene his show is, and right now the FCC is on an anti-indecency binge. You'll just have to go elsewhere for your anal sex jokes and on-air lesbian kissing. Sorry.

    * "Last week, Sinclair Broadcasting dropped ABC News Nightline program last Friday because they dedicated the show to reading the names of the soldiers who died in Iraq war!" -- I too was disappointed that they dropped that broadcast. There isn't even anything anti-Bush about it. But regardless, Sinclair Broadcasting has the right to broadcast and not to broadcast what they want. Otherwise, if they were told what to broadcast, that wouldn't be freedom, would it?

    Finally, the whole point of the May 6 post was to illustrate Michael Moore's latest issue as another example of "the man" trying to stamp out dissent. If you haven't heard about it you can read it here. In short, Disney is refusing to allow its subsidiary Miramax to releave Michael Moore's new film about the Bush administration. Disney claims it deals with a polarizing issue such that they don't want to alienate some of their audience.

    Like Sinclair Broadcasting, Disney has a right not to distribute Moore's film. However Punkvoter is following Moore's claim that Disney would be endangered by the tax breaks offered to them by Florida governor Jeb Bush. This is just more conspiracy theory nonsense. Why would Jeb Bush try to block a movie that is going to be released anyway? The reason that Disney gave makes sense: They don't want to get caught up in partisan politics and lose some of their audience.

    Punkvoter, stop trying to scare the kids. This is not an Orwellian nightmare, this is America.

    How about blaming the terrorists for once?
    We're at war in Iraq with terrorists, and if those terrorists attack us or let's say they set off a car bomb that kills the head of the Iraqi governing council, can you please just blame the terrorists? If terrorists hijack planes and fly them into buildings, can you please blame the terrorists instead of the president?

    Not Punkvoter. This is an example of Punkvoter's lack of vision. They can't identify who the enemy is because they are so blinded by rage for Bush.

    Overtime issue revisited
    Back in Nov 2003 Punkvoter tried to scare people into thinking President Bush had eliminated overtime pay from everyone in the country. The wording was so vague that unless you weren't familiar with the issue you wouldn't have realized that it only applied to government employees. But as it is, government employees have cushy enough jobs. They receive a tremendous amount of benefits and have almost complete job security.

    Now, the Washington Post reports that nearly 2/3 of such government employees received bonuses or monetary awards in 2002. I think that more than makes up for the lack of overtime.

    It still is unfortunate that overtime pay isn't available, but maybe it can be budgeted if there were LESS employees. The government is unnecessarily bloated as it is. However Punkvoter wants to make it worse by having government take over health care and other social issues, increasing the size of government even more. (When is the last time someone said "What a great job government has done with social security!" How can you want the government to do the same to health care?)

    April 16, 2004
    Bush cuts youth employment programs... good!
    Punkvoter is mad that President Bush cut a third of a billion dollars from youth employment programs in the last 2 years.

    I didn't even know such programs existed. Stupid me, all this time I've been counting on my own skills to get a job. Yes it's tough to land a job and keep it when you're young but no one should be entitled to one. Entitlements for one person always hurt somebody else.

    You don't need to pump $300,000,000 into a program to help teens to get a job. Wouldn't that money be better spent elsewhere, or given back to the taxpayers?

    It is programs like this that are a drain on the tax system and a burden on the taxpayers. Government shouldn't be helping citizens when citizens can help themselves. It is unnecessary and an insult.

    So Bush is evil for not helping people when they can clearly help themselves. That is the mantra of ultra-radical anti-capitalists like Punkvoter.

    Punkvoter, why Bush, and not Clinton?
    The unstated purpose behind Punkvoter is to defeat President Bush in the 04 election because of his conservative ideology, not anything that he has actually done in office.

    If it were otherwise then Punkvoter would have been started 10 years ago as an anti-Clinton website.

    The issues on which Punkvoter challenges Bush are things that Bill Clinton has also done:
    * Clinton ordered air strikes against Iraq (a couple of times) plus invasions of Bosnia, Kosovo, and Haiti, all without UN consent.

    * While Clinton was president terrorists bombed the World Trade Center (killing 6, injuring thousands), Khobar Towers in Saudi Arabia (killing 19 Americans, wounding hundreds), the USS Cole (killed 17), and US embassies in Nairobi, Kenya, and Tanzania (killing 258 people total, injuring thousands). The only action taken was a strike against a suspected terrorist training camp in Afghanistan and a pharmaceutical plant in Sudan. (BTW Richard Clarke was the terrorism advisor at the time.)

    * Punkvoter blames Bush for letting 9/11 happen but it was the Clinton adminstration that made it harder for domestic agencies to investigate terrorism.

    Don't take this as an anti-Clinton post because it's not. But if Bush is horrible in the eyes of Punkvoter then Clinton should have been the antichrist. Punkvoter would have been established 10 years ago if they really cared about these issues.

    Punkvoter blames Bush for 9/11, not the terrorists
    I read Punkvoter blaming President Bush for 9/11 but they have not expressed any outrage against the TERRORISTS who EXECUTED the attack. Instead I see outrage at Bush for not having taken precautions... precautions that Punkvoter is OPPOSED to anyway.

    So how could Bush have prevented the 9/11 attacks? It would have been impossible to uncover the details of the attack beforehand because even the terrorists involved didn't know their mission until the last minute. But if we could have stopped them, what would Punkvoter say about detaining 19 Arab-Americans whose only crime was attending flight schools?

    Bush would have had to attack the very heart of Al Qaeda, such as a PREEMPTIVE attack on AFGHANISTAN. Preemptive action? Punkvoter is opposed to that based on their position with the Iraq war. (BTW check out this article titled In a parallel universe if 9/11 never happened... about what reaction Bush would have received if he did preemptively attack Afghanistan.)

    Bush would have needed new laws to allow better surveillance and the ability for the CIA and FBI to share information. That is what the PATRIOT ACT does, and Punkvoter has already shown their dissent for it.

    To back their claim that Bush was not effective against terrorism Punkvoter quotes former White House terrorism advisor Richard Clarke. Clarke has recently accused Bush of showing no interest in combating terrorism in a new book that he authored. However Clarke is not a reliable source because there is evidence against his claims. Also, under previous presidents Clarke advised on domestic and foreign terrorism but under Bush he advised on CYBERSECURITY terrorism (not exactly in the loop on Al Qaeda). He is also on record having in the past PRAISED Bush for his anti-terrorism efforts.

    Remember that Punkvoter is DESPERATE to get Bush out of office. It's easy to play the "we coulda-shoulda" game but it's not always worth it. Should we now blame Clinton for all of the terrorist attacks during the 90s? Do we blame the DC area police for the sniper shootings? Do we blame the Spanish government for the Madrid bombings? Or do we blame the terrorists and the criminals?

    March 16, 2004
    How the economy really works
    How would you like to live in a country where the economy is controlled by the government? Since our government can't even manage retirement benefits (social security) and education, the last thing I want is for them to micromanage the successes of private business.

    Punkvoter.com, however, has a different opinion. Either they are scraping the bottom of the barrel for reasons to attack Bush, or they believe Bush needs to assume more control over the "free" market.

    Our economy is driven by the exchange of goods. When there is a demand for a product, the companies that produce it earn more money, and then they invest the money into growing the company. This has a snowball effect as these companies in turn buy goods from other companies, thereby creating more jobs.

    So what can a government do to influence the market?
    1) RAISE or LOWER TAXES on companies -- Which do you think helps? (Bush LOWERED taxes and helped to usher in the current period of economic upswing, despite protest from Punkvoter that lowering taxes would not work. Bush apparently was right.) Regardless, changing the tax rate has only minimal effect on the economy.

    2) SUBSIDIZE the economy -- The government can subsidize certain industries by giving them handouts. Pretty much a free loan. In other words, the government can take YOUR money (through taxes) and give it straight to companies. So instead of you willfully buying goods from a company, the government will take your money unwillfully and give it to them. Is that where you want your taxes to go?

    3) NATIONALIZE the economy -- Instead of subsidizing an industry the government could own it. This is the communist solution and there is nothing "free" about it. Governments are awful at running industries because industries work best only when they are for profit.

    So does the economy work best when the government is not involved? Yes.

    What's the best thing Bush can do to spur economic growth? Lower taxes on businesses (in other words, LOWER government involvement). Again, Punkvoter was OPPOSED to lowering taxes.

    CORRECTION: The best thing Bush can do is fight terrorism. After all 9/11 is part of the reason the economy went sluggish.

    March 01, 2004
    Be informed
    This blog is not about promoting conservatism or bashing liberals, it is about countering radical hate mongerers who pose as intellectuals on a site called Punkvoter.com. They spread misinformation among young people who mistake the bands' statuses in the scene as proof of their credibility.

    Punkvoter's intent is to influence the 2004 election results against the favor of George W. Bush, for whom they harbor absolute hate. But their hate is so great that they've fallen victim to wild conspiracy theories about him. They are these mere speculations, not fact, on which most of Punkvoter.com's arguments are based.

    I do not implicate Punkvoter.com for having a different political idealogy. It would have been something respectable if they actually argued their philosophy versus conservatism.

    Instead, their site reports lies, half-truths, and speculations as fact, and scare young people into thinking the mainstream media cannot be trusted.

    So if you end up voting against George W. Bush in November, I hope it will be a well informed choice, not one rooted in an unfounded, paranoid fear of our democratically elected government.

    February 13, 2004
    Open Letter to Punkvoter
    1) If the Iraq war was waged for oil, then why am I still paying $1.67/gallon for gas?

    2) If you are against campaign finance reform then how can you be such big fans of MoveOn.org, the anti-Bush/pro-Democrat site funded by billionaire George Soros who is using a loophole in campaign finance reform to donate millions of dollars to defeat Bush?

    3) Will you support John Kerry if he runs against Bush, even though Kerry once firmly believed Iraq had weapons of mass destruction? (He said, "Why is Saddam Hussein attempting to develop nuclear weapons when most nations don't even try? ... According to intelligence, Iraq has chemical and biological weapons ... Iraq is developing unmanned aerial vehicles capable of delivering chemical and biological warfare agents...")

    4) Why did you try to link Bush to the Texas redistricting controversy when that was done by other people? Did you not even read the article that you posted which specifically stated the Bush administration was not involved?

    5) With terrorism as our #1 issue, why do you not make an issue of it?

    6) If you think the media is "mindlessly regurgitating Bush's line" (as Justin Sane of Anti-Flag says) then why do you quote them so much?

    7) Why did you try to blame Bush when a Michigan high school student was disciplined for wearing an anti-Bush shirt to school? And why did you spin a similar story of an Ohio high school student who wore a Fat Wreck Chords "Not My President" shirt who was questioned by the Secret Service? Why did you leave out the fact that the student drew crosshairs on the president's face? Why did you not mention that what he did was, and always has been, illegal?

    8) Why do you consider a ban on partial-birth abortion right wing zealotry when an overwhelming majority of Americans are for such a ban?

    9) Why do you accuse Bush of bullying his opponents and calling detesters unpatriotic or traitors? Can you provide the exact quote? Because I've never heard him say that. Can I consider it bullying when you call him an "idiot son of an asshole", or a "gangsta", or "stupid", "evil", a "vicious idiot", or that "he speaks like he still uses a dribble cup and is fit for a bib"? Are you then hypocrites?

    10) If you represents "punks", and punk is based on do-it-yourself principles, then why do you support alot of policies that give government power over individual choice (nationalized health care, campaign finance reform; and opposing tax free savings plans and individual control of unemployment benefits)?

    Punkvoter attacks Bush's military record
    In Punkvoter's Feb 13 post they all of a sudden care about military service even though the bands involved in this propaganda tool have a history of being anti-military, skeptical of its purpose, and for its dismantlement.

    Now Punkvoter has hopped on the bandwagon of bashing Bush for serving in the National Guard during the Vietnam war. The conspiracy theory is that Bush's father, who was a congressman at the time, pulled some strings to get him in the Guard. The "theory" goes further and claims that Bush didn't even show up for duty.

    This "theory" was already discounted a few days ago when Bush's press secretary presented pay stubs and dental examination records proving that Bush was paid and present for Guard duty. But apparently proof isn't enough for those who consistently avoid logic.

    When you work, do you get paid? Yes. If you don't work do you still get paid? No. So if Bush got paid it means he worked, right? Yes, but apparently not so to the Punkvoter crowd, the same people who see no value in "work" anyway.

    Punkvoter also included in their post Michael Moore's "Open Letter To President Bush" which also attacks Bush for his Guard service. Maybe I'll disect Moore's ignorant and conspiratorial questions some other time but just keep in mind that Michael Moore is NOT a very credible source of information. MooreWatch.com has been doing a good job of that anyway.

    The mainstream media has already largely dropped this story because it has turned out to not be a story. There is NO PROOF that Bush was AWOL and there IS proof that he SERVED. But Punkvoter will do anything to discredit Bush that they'll continue to spread misinformation and accuse Bush of not participating in the military which they themselves are adamantly against.

    More lies.

    February 10, 2004
    Punkvoter spins David Kay story
    David Kay was the arms inspector assigned to find WMD in Iraq. He didn't find any and testified before the Senate Armed Services Committee about what happened and what went wrong.

    Facts: David Kay initially believed Iraq had WMD. All of our intelligence showed that Iraq had it. Most of Congress believed it, including Democrats and John Kerry too!

    So if there weren't any WMD, where was the failure? With INTELLIGENCE.

    Does Punkvoter believe that? No! To them it's Bush's fault, not matter what, as you can tell by this post, just another attempt at misinforming the youth. They fail to mention that INTELLIGENCE is what is suspected to have failed.

    Do I think Iraq had WMDs? Yes. They used to have them. As mentioned before, EVERYONE knew it. Here are some quotes from leading DEMOCRATS who knew Iraq had them (but now claim Iraq never had them):
    "If Saddam rejects peace and we have to use force, our purpose is clear. We want to seriously diminish the threat posed by Iraq's weapons of mass destruction." -- President Bill Clinton, Feb. 4, 1998.

    "He will use those weapons of mass destruction again, as he has 10 times since 1983." -- Sandy Berger, national security adviser to President Clinton, Feb. 18, 1998.

    "We urge you, after consulting with Congress, and consistent with the U.S. Constitution and laws, to take necessary actions (including, if appropriate, air and missile strikes on suspect Iraqi sites) to respond effectively to the threat posed by Iraq's refusal to end its weapons of mass destruction program." -- Letter to President Clinton, signed by Sens. Carl Levin, Tom Daschle, John Kerry and others, Oct. 9, 1998.

    "Saddam Hussein has been engaged in the development of weapons of mass destruction technology which is a threat to countries in the region and he has made a mockery of the weapons inspection process." -- Rep. Nancy Pelosi, Dec. 16, 1998.

    "We have known for many years that Saddam Hussein is seeking and developing weapons of mass destruction." -- Sen. Ted Kennedy, Sept. 27, 2002.
    So what happened? If YOU had 8 months (the time elapsed from when the UN issued their 17th and final resolution until the US finally invaded Iraq), what would YOU have done with them?

    Punkvoter gets Drake Univ subpoena all wrong
    Punkvoter has made another post full of blatant misinformation. Not only do they attempt to link a reasonable law enforcement investigation to a grand conspiracy of government censorship but they try to blame President Bush and Attorney General John Ashcroft for it.

    There was a protest recently at Drake University during which a protester was accused of assaulting a peace officer. Also some protesters trespessed onto local property at the nearby Iowa National Guard headquarters. Federal prosecutors are investigating these matters and have issued subpoenas ordering the university to turn over records on the event's organizers.

    As part of their conspiracy rhetoric Punkvoter stated: "These court orders and secret investigations are being conducted to scare you into conforming – do not let them fool you!"

    Now after reading the FACTS that I have posted (which were pulled from the very articles that Punkvoter linked to), does it sound like the government is stifling dissent, or simply conducting an investigation of CRIMES that happened at the protest?

    Where are Bush and Ashcroft in this? They are not involved. Punkvoter is IGNORANT for saying "Wake up to what Bushcroft is truly doing to your brothers and sisters who are speaking out!" (BTW these protesters are not my brothers and sisters. Some of them are criminals, that is the purpose of this investigation.)

    The geniuses at Punkvoter either did not bother to read the entire articles OR they purposely left this information out. Once again, more misinformation from Punkvoter.com.

    February 07, 2004
    John Feldmann NOT targeted by Patriot Act
    In his punkvoter column John Feldmann of the band Goldfinger recounts the story of how the FBI raided his home searching for evidence linking him to an act of vandalism. It appears that Feldmann was wrongly suspected for graffitti that was tagged on the house of an LA animal shelter manager Jerry Greenwalt. Feldmann is an outspoken critic of Greenwalt whom he accuses of killing "50,000 innocent puppies and kittens every year for $150,000 a year salary, paid by tax dollars."

    It's too bad that this had to happen to Feldmann but he accused the Patriot Act of giving the FBI authority to do this to him. The article's purpose is to attack the Patriot Act and US Attorney General John Ashcroft (the piece is titled "Personal Encounter with Ashcroft's FBI"). However, this had NOTHING TO DO WITH THE PATRIOT ACT! This is what the FBI does. They do it all the time. It's just too bad they had a bad lead in this case.

    (Credit goes to Dr. Balls for pointing this one out. His site is hysterical and he points out stuff like this alot. He even did a really good analysis of the Patriot Act that I recommend for people not familiar with it.)

    How well off America really is
    Punkvoter paints a picture of a disasterous economy and massive unemployment. But right now the unemployment rate is at 5.6%. Compare that to the rest of the world and you'll see just how well off we really are:
    (As of Jan 04)
    Spain: 11.2%
    Germany: 11%
    France: 9.6%
    Canada: 7.4%
    US: 5.6%

    Don't let punkvoter fool you by stating how many jobs have been lost in the past 4 years. In January they quoted an article stating "America has lost 2.2 million jobs since 2000". But how many have been gained? In January alone 112,000 jobs were created (source).

    February 04, 2004
    Welcome to the Punkvoter lies...
    Hi. My name is Stacey. I'm fed up with the propaganda spread by Punkvoter.com. Their objective to educate young people about politics is being muddied by their hatred for the Bush Republican adminstration. Most of the information on their website is false or misleading. The site's contributors are in or involved with the punk music scene and this is supposed to make them credible, but their statements expose how ingorant and biased they are.

    In this blog I will counter Punkvoter's propaganda. I will counter their lies with facts and correct their misleading statements. I'll approach this website completely unbiased.

    To be fair you should be aware of my views. I am mostly conservative with some liberal views. I was not old enough to vote in 2000 but this year I will vote to reelect Bush. I don't disagree with everything Punkvoter stands for. I actually do agree with their stands on some issues and I'm not completely thrilled with the Bush administration. However I think realistically and I know that the #1 problem right now is terrorism and unlike Punkvoter I don't believe in a massive Bush-oil-media conspiracy.

    Thanks for visiting. I'll update soon.

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