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March 16, 2004
How the economy really works
How would you like to live in a country where the economy is controlled by the government? Since our government can't even manage retirement benefits (social security) and education, the last thing I want is for them to micromanage the successes of private business.

Punkvoter.com, however, has a different opinion. Either they are scraping the bottom of the barrel for reasons to attack Bush, or they believe Bush needs to assume more control over the "free" market.

Our economy is driven by the exchange of goods. When there is a demand for a product, the companies that produce it earn more money, and then they invest the money into growing the company. This has a snowball effect as these companies in turn buy goods from other companies, thereby creating more jobs.

So what can a government do to influence the market?
1) RAISE or LOWER TAXES on companies -- Which do you think helps? (Bush LOWERED taxes and helped to usher in the current period of economic upswing, despite protest from Punkvoter that lowering taxes would not work. Bush apparently was right.) Regardless, changing the tax rate has only minimal effect on the economy.

2) SUBSIDIZE the economy -- The government can subsidize certain industries by giving them handouts. Pretty much a free loan. In other words, the government can take YOUR money (through taxes) and give it straight to companies. So instead of you willfully buying goods from a company, the government will take your money unwillfully and give it to them. Is that where you want your taxes to go?

3) NATIONALIZE the economy -- Instead of subsidizing an industry the government could own it. This is the communist solution and there is nothing "free" about it. Governments are awful at running industries because industries work best only when they are for profit.

So does the economy work best when the government is not involved? Yes.

What's the best thing Bush can do to spur economic growth? Lower taxes on businesses (in other words, LOWER government involvement). Again, Punkvoter was OPPOSED to lowering taxes.

CORRECTION: The best thing Bush can do is fight terrorism. After all 9/11 is part of the reason the economy went sluggish.

March 01, 2004
Be informed
This blog is not about promoting conservatism or bashing liberals, it is about countering radical hate mongerers who pose as intellectuals on a site called Punkvoter.com. They spread misinformation among young people who mistake the bands' statuses in the scene as proof of their credibility.

Punkvoter's intent is to influence the 2004 election results against the favor of George W. Bush, for whom they harbor absolute hate. But their hate is so great that they've fallen victim to wild conspiracy theories about him. They are these mere speculations, not fact, on which most of Punkvoter.com's arguments are based.

I do not implicate Punkvoter.com for having a different political idealogy. It would have been something respectable if they actually argued their philosophy versus conservatism.

Instead, their site reports lies, half-truths, and speculations as fact, and scare young people into thinking the mainstream media cannot be trusted.

So if you end up voting against George W. Bush in November, I hope it will be a well informed choice, not one rooted in an unfounded, paranoid fear of our democratically elected government.

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