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April 16, 2004
Bush cuts youth employment programs... good!
Punkvoter is mad that President Bush cut a third of a billion dollars from youth employment programs in the last 2 years.

I didn't even know such programs existed. Stupid me, all this time I've been counting on my own skills to get a job. Yes it's tough to land a job and keep it when you're young but no one should be entitled to one. Entitlements for one person always hurt somebody else.

You don't need to pump $300,000,000 into a program to help teens to get a job. Wouldn't that money be better spent elsewhere, or given back to the taxpayers?

It is programs like this that are a drain on the tax system and a burden on the taxpayers. Government shouldn't be helping citizens when citizens can help themselves. It is unnecessary and an insult.

So Bush is evil for not helping people when they can clearly help themselves. That is the mantra of ultra-radical anti-capitalists like Punkvoter.

Punkvoter, why Bush, and not Clinton?
The unstated purpose behind Punkvoter is to defeat President Bush in the 04 election because of his conservative ideology, not anything that he has actually done in office.

If it were otherwise then Punkvoter would have been started 10 years ago as an anti-Clinton website.

The issues on which Punkvoter challenges Bush are things that Bill Clinton has also done:
* Clinton ordered air strikes against Iraq (a couple of times) plus invasions of Bosnia, Kosovo, and Haiti, all without UN consent.

* While Clinton was president terrorists bombed the World Trade Center (killing 6, injuring thousands), Khobar Towers in Saudi Arabia (killing 19 Americans, wounding hundreds), the USS Cole (killed 17), and US embassies in Nairobi, Kenya, and Tanzania (killing 258 people total, injuring thousands). The only action taken was a strike against a suspected terrorist training camp in Afghanistan and a pharmaceutical plant in Sudan. (BTW Richard Clarke was the terrorism advisor at the time.)

* Punkvoter blames Bush for letting 9/11 happen but it was the Clinton adminstration that made it harder for domestic agencies to investigate terrorism.

Don't take this as an anti-Clinton post because it's not. But if Bush is horrible in the eyes of Punkvoter then Clinton should have been the antichrist. Punkvoter would have been established 10 years ago if they really cared about these issues.

Punkvoter blames Bush for 9/11, not the terrorists
I read Punkvoter blaming President Bush for 9/11 but they have not expressed any outrage against the TERRORISTS who EXECUTED the attack. Instead I see outrage at Bush for not having taken precautions... precautions that Punkvoter is OPPOSED to anyway.

So how could Bush have prevented the 9/11 attacks? It would have been impossible to uncover the details of the attack beforehand because even the terrorists involved didn't know their mission until the last minute. But if we could have stopped them, what would Punkvoter say about detaining 19 Arab-Americans whose only crime was attending flight schools?

Bush would have had to attack the very heart of Al Qaeda, such as a PREEMPTIVE attack on AFGHANISTAN. Preemptive action? Punkvoter is opposed to that based on their position with the Iraq war. (BTW check out this article titled In a parallel universe if 9/11 never happened... about what reaction Bush would have received if he did preemptively attack Afghanistan.)

Bush would have needed new laws to allow better surveillance and the ability for the CIA and FBI to share information. That is what the PATRIOT ACT does, and Punkvoter has already shown their dissent for it.

To back their claim that Bush was not effective against terrorism Punkvoter quotes former White House terrorism advisor Richard Clarke. Clarke has recently accused Bush of showing no interest in combating terrorism in a new book that he authored. However Clarke is not a reliable source because there is evidence against his claims. Also, under previous presidents Clarke advised on domestic and foreign terrorism but under Bush he advised on CYBERSECURITY terrorism (not exactly in the loop on Al Qaeda). He is also on record having in the past PRAISED Bush for his anti-terrorism efforts.

Remember that Punkvoter is DESPERATE to get Bush out of office. It's easy to play the "we coulda-shoulda" game but it's not always worth it. Should we now blame Clinton for all of the terrorist attacks during the 90s? Do we blame the DC area police for the sniper shootings? Do we blame the Spanish government for the Madrid bombings? Or do we blame the terrorists and the criminals?

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