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May 25, 2004
Punkvoter AGAIN scaring people with media conspiracy theories
On May 21 Punkvoter said "Why does BushCo have to create fake pro-Dubya news when they already control most news sources anyways... I thought Fox News, Sinclair Broadcasting and Rush were already on the Dubya payroll?"

These people are INSANE. They put out blanket statements like these to get people riled up. Notice they'll never back wild assertions like these with facts. That's because this is America, not an Orwellian nightmare.

This is what happens when a guy who has made a living making dick and fart punk songs (Fat Mike) gets together with a paranoid, self righteous grown boy (Jello Biafra) who once said he was glad the space shuttle Challenger blew up.

Nothing wrong about Medicare ad
On May 21 Punkvoter claimed the latest Medicare ad was illegal and meant to further the Bush re-election campaign.

Well it is neither. Here is how CBS describes the ad:
In the television ad, a senior asks, "So how is Medicare changing?"

"It’s the same Medicare you’ve always counted on, plus more benefits like prescription drug coverage," an announcer replies. The ad goes on to tell seniors "You can always keep your same Medicare coverage" and "You can save with Medicare drug discount cards this June. And save more with prescription drug coverage in 2006."

The ad tells viewers that more information is available at 1-800-Medicare. A print ad delivers much the same message.

Neither ad mentions the role of President Bush or Congress is developing the new drug benefit.
Isn't it obvious how Punkvoter distorts the truth to further their radical agenda?

What it means to be conservative
Since Punkvoter and other far left liberals ignorantly smear conservatives as mean, racist, and stupid hicks, here are the true conservative beliefs.

  • Individual responsibility = individual rights
    Conservatives believe that each and every person is responsible for their own actions. People should not be sued or indicted because of someone else's neglect. This happens too often today, just read all of the looney lawsuits that are out there.

    But individual responsibility also means that each person is responsible for their own SUCCESS. That means people shouldn't rely on government mandated programs and "fairness" policies meant to disadvantage the successful to prop up the unsuccessful. Such ideas are themselves inherently unfair because they assume the unsuccessful are not capable of making it on their own, and that the successful must be punished in order to establish fairness. Conservatives believe everyone is equal and no one requires special help.

  • Smaller government = less taxes
    Taxes are a necessary burden in any governed society but conservatives believe overtaxing is wrong and creates problems. Conservatives believe that overtaxing the rich and middle classes in order to fund unnecessary social programs drives away successful businesses, as was witnessed in California when Gray Davis was governor. Overtaxing also means that corporations have less to spend on labor, meaning less employment, and is the reason why JFK, Reagan, and G W Bush all enacted tax cuts which strenghtened the economy each time.

    Liberals accuse conservatives of having sold out to corporations because of the conservative opposition to overtaxing. However we believe that people should KEEP WHAT THEY EARN. A person's income does not belong to the government and should not be treated as such.

  • Capitalism = freedom, strong economy
    "Capitalism demands the best of every man – his rationality – and rewards him accordingly. It leaves every man free to choose the work he likes, to specialize in it, to trade his product for the products of others, and to go as far on the road of achievement as his ability and ambition will carry him." - Ayn Rand

  • Strength = safety
    Conservatives believe that only by being the most powerful nation can we secure peace in the world. This means funding for a strong military, intelligence gather, and police force. Undermining our defense can only give power to our enemies. The rest of the world has nothing to fear of our strength because our intentions are good, and it will stay that way as long as we have democratically elected representatives.

  • Literal translation of law = democracy
    In our democracy laws are supposed to be passed by elected representatives but over the past 30 years an increasing amount of judges have reinterpreted law in order to change it or create new ones, undermining the authority of the legislative branch. Take abortion for example. Whether you agree with it or not, it was out of line for the Supreme Court to somehow interpret the Constitution to read that it guarantees the right to abortion. This is the sort of issue (along with gay marriage, or letting UN treaties overrule US law) that need to be debated and legislated by the legislative branch of government. Our government should not allow judges to "legislate from the bench".

  • Rush Limbaugh quotes
    Since Punkvoter tried tarnishing Rush Limbaugh's reputation by posting a single quote, here are 13 other quotes from him during the same week. I think these quotes explain a lot about the prison photo scandal and the war on terror.

    "There are people in this country who may not be on the side of the terrorists in Iraq, but their actions wouldn't be any different if they were, and those are Democrats and liberals who are anti-U.S. military and anti-victory."

    "There are some liberals who believe that we 'provoke' all this just by being who we are. They think that if we just cease and desist, the other side will not consider us a threat or an enemy anymore and they'll cease and desist. Those who have a brain and a contextual understanding of history know that that's dangerous, risky and absurd."

    "Some of the cockamamie conspiracy theories that the left has evolved to deal with this war in Iraq... This silly belief system that the U.S. is the focus of evil? This is what the left actually thinks."

    "Are we forgetting who is in these prisons? These are prisoners who have attempted to kill Americans."

    "We have so many people out there concerned about the human rights of a bunch of people who are murderers and terrorists, that I find it offensive."

    "Before we had ever seen a prison abuse photo, the Twin Towers had been blown to smithereens with our own airplanes, the Pentagon had been crashed into, and Wall Street Journal reporter Daniel Pearl had been beheaded. Long before these photos, this is who we're dealing with."

    "Al-Qaeda flew planes into the Trade Center and Pentagon, killing 3,000. If anybody tries to tell you that these prison pictures are responsible for Nick Berg's death, I want you to tell them to stuff it. This is just Al-Qaeda being who they are."

    "What was done in that prison is not something we want to sanction, but the proper way to handle it is behind closed doors, instead of trying to guilt trip the whole country and using it to harm the overall military effort."

    "If George Bush shows briefly the World Trade Center on a flag in a campaign ad, the left howl like they were bit in the head by a sex crazed horse, and yet we're supposed to look at all of these pictures from Abu Ghraib. It's political."

    "The left has taken those photos and tarred and feathered everybody in the military all the way up to the president. The same people who say they 'support the troops,' but give them one opportunity to dump on the troops, and they will take it."

    "The focus ought to be on what should we do to the terrorists who want to do this to other people and get rid of them, so the people like Nick Berg can have the freedom to go where they want to go."

    "What’s motivating all of the caterwauling that's coming from the so-called shocked, offended and outraged is politics. They see it as a political opportunity."

    "Solutions to problems happen in 30 or 60 minutes in this country on television. We have expectations in Iraq that are way above normal. There's been a total loss of historical perspective."

    May 17, 2004
    Punkvoter trying to scare people over Moore censorhip issue
    If you read Punkvoter's May 6 post then you would think you lived in an Orwellian nightmare. Don't let Punkvoter's paranoid and uninformed political knowledge fool you. Conspiracy theories cannot win in a debate with facts.

    The whole post inferred that major corporations were trying to block any all liberal viewpoints from being expressed in media. The post even ended with a typical paranoid exclamation, bolded capital letters and all: "THIS IS HAPPENING TO OUR FREE SPEECH EVERY WHERE!"

    Well, point for point:
    * "First CBS last fall yanked 'The Reagans' miniseries and aired it on Showtime instead. CBS executives said they did not cave to right-wing pressure but pulled the show because it portrayed the Reagans unfairly and had a liberal bias." -- The movie wasn't biased, it was mostly not factual. The movie did not air due to many complaints by ORDINARY CITIZENS (right-wing or otherwise).

    * "Then Howard Stern gets kicked off the airwaves and fined to death for being anti-Bush!" -- Nice try Punkvoter, but Stern was removed from Clear Channel radio stations (maybe other stations too, but certainly not every single radio station in the country) for being indecent. Everyone knows how crude and obscene his show is, and right now the FCC is on an anti-indecency binge. You'll just have to go elsewhere for your anal sex jokes and on-air lesbian kissing. Sorry.

    * "Last week, Sinclair Broadcasting dropped ABC News Nightline program last Friday because they dedicated the show to reading the names of the soldiers who died in Iraq war!" -- I too was disappointed that they dropped that broadcast. There isn't even anything anti-Bush about it. But regardless, Sinclair Broadcasting has the right to broadcast and not to broadcast what they want. Otherwise, if they were told what to broadcast, that wouldn't be freedom, would it?

    Finally, the whole point of the May 6 post was to illustrate Michael Moore's latest issue as another example of "the man" trying to stamp out dissent. If you haven't heard about it you can read it here. In short, Disney is refusing to allow its subsidiary Miramax to releave Michael Moore's new film about the Bush administration. Disney claims it deals with a polarizing issue such that they don't want to alienate some of their audience.

    Like Sinclair Broadcasting, Disney has a right not to distribute Moore's film. However Punkvoter is following Moore's claim that Disney would be endangered by the tax breaks offered to them by Florida governor Jeb Bush. This is just more conspiracy theory nonsense. Why would Jeb Bush try to block a movie that is going to be released anyway? The reason that Disney gave makes sense: They don't want to get caught up in partisan politics and lose some of their audience.

    Punkvoter, stop trying to scare the kids. This is not an Orwellian nightmare, this is America.

    How about blaming the terrorists for once?
    We're at war in Iraq with terrorists, and if those terrorists attack us or let's say they set off a car bomb that kills the head of the Iraqi governing council, can you please just blame the terrorists? If terrorists hijack planes and fly them into buildings, can you please blame the terrorists instead of the president?

    Not Punkvoter. This is an example of Punkvoter's lack of vision. They can't identify who the enemy is because they are so blinded by rage for Bush.

    Overtime issue revisited
    Back in Nov 2003 Punkvoter tried to scare people into thinking President Bush had eliminated overtime pay from everyone in the country. The wording was so vague that unless you weren't familiar with the issue you wouldn't have realized that it only applied to government employees. But as it is, government employees have cushy enough jobs. They receive a tremendous amount of benefits and have almost complete job security.

    Now, the Washington Post reports that nearly 2/3 of such government employees received bonuses or monetary awards in 2002. I think that more than makes up for the lack of overtime.

    It still is unfortunate that overtime pay isn't available, but maybe it can be budgeted if there were LESS employees. The government is unnecessarily bloated as it is. However Punkvoter wants to make it worse by having government take over health care and other social issues, increasing the size of government even more. (When is the last time someone said "What a great job government has done with social security!" How can you want the government to do the same to health care?)

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