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August 19, 2004
Punkvoter protest fears unfounded
In Punkvoter world (which is a little different than the real world) police in NYC are doing their best to stop protests during the Republican convention. By reading their news item on August 11 it sounds as if there is yet another conspiracy to silence dissent in this country. (I'm having a hard time keeping up with these conspiracy theories.)

Either Punkvoter didn't bother to read the actual articles they used as sources or they are trying to purposely scare people. The articles themselves clear up any notion that someone is trying to silence the protesters. Here are the points Punkvoter makes plus the FACTS that dispute them:

* "New York City is denying permits for a peaceful protest in Central Park claiming 'the Great Lawn’s grass would be damaged'???" -- Um, yes, that is exactly right. It is the DEPARTMENT OF PARKS AND RECREATION that has denied the permit. It makes absolute sense because they predict that over 250,000 protesters will show up. That is a lot of people. The Parks Department decided that it was less important for people to protest at Central Park than for the people of NYC to pay the exorbitant clean up and relandscaping costs. So what, just go protest elsewhere.

* "NYPD are spying on our citizens who choose to voice their disappointment with Dubya! Police are now infiltrating protest organizations and being trained in new techniques of silencing dissention!" -- But if you read the article the first line states that the police are infiltrating groups the have PREVIOUSLY USED UNLAWFUL TACTICS. Basically there are protest groups that have a history of breaking the law and the police are working undercover to find out if these groups plan on doing it again. If you read even further you'll find out that indeed some of these groups are planning on blocking streets and keeping delegates from entering the convention. Some of these groups are NOT peaceful protesters. The police are doing their jobs, trying to keep the city safe and to keep the convention running.

THIS IS NOT BRAIN SURGERY. All you have to do is read the actual articles that Punkvoter uses as their sources and you'll realize how off base and out of this world Punkvoter is on these issues. Maybe paranoid and ignorant are better descriptions.

I think Dr Balls said it best when he compared Punkvoter to a moon landing conspiracy site.

August 10, 2004
Kerry Vietnam slander
I don't like these attacks against John Kerry's performance in Vietnam. To me, his service in Vietnam should not affect his candidacy and does not disqualify him for the presidency. Plus I think most or all of the attacks are false or exaggerated.

So do you see how MICHAEL MOORE is guilty of the same dirty tricks?

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