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October 30, 2004
Who does Bin Laden want to win our election?
There's an article on CNN.com that has a lot of information about the new Bin Laden tape. It is reminding of the threat that we still face and, even though he is still halfway around the world, another tape released this week warns us that the threat is even closer to home because the tape was made by a terrorist who is American.

So who is going to make us safer? Who is going to keep our country and our interests safe from terrorists? Sorry Mr. Moore but there IS a terrorist threat. (Moore has been saying, "There is no terrorist threat in this country. This is a lie. This is the biggest lie we've been told.")

Michael Moore is Punkvoter's man. He's been glorified on their site. Anti Flag has been performing on his lecture tour, adequately named The Slacker Uprising Tour.

So why would I listen to Punkvoter and people with this unrealistic worldview? They aren't going to make me safer. Maybe they're like John Kerry and simply want to dumb down terrorism until it's just a nuisance. Really, I think radicals like Punkvoter have let their irrational hatred for President Bush cloud their perception of world events. They hate him for what happened in the last election. From them on they have refused to believe anything Bush says and they have consistently took the opposite position from him on just about every issue, no matter what entirely bullshit conspiracy theory they have to concoct to make their argument sound logical.

That must be why Punkvoter has believed that 'war for oil' nonsense. They couldn't bring themselves to trust George Bush when he told the country that we weren't going to take Saddam's crap anymore. For10 years he did not cooperate with the world when inquired about his WMD ambitions. Consider that he was on "parole" at the time... in other words, we could have done a regime change in 1991 but we let him stay under certain conditions. So 10 years later we had enough. There were 17 UN resolutions against Saddam. 17! That's why John Kerry is full of crap when he says that Bush didn't give the UN enough time. Punkvoter, rather, will attribute it to wild conspiracy theories asserted as fact but based on paranoid assumptions.

Well I believe that George Bush is truthful (mostly) and that he is worlds more genuine than those typically fake senators whom he is running against. John Kerry and John Edwards are just another couple of super liberal wimps to come out of the Washington bureaucracy that Fat Mike and Jello Biafra have always been complaining about. Kerry and Edwards are just a couple of Jimmy Carters. (And there is a reason why Jimmy Carter was a 1 termer and no one as liberal as him has been president for over 20 years.)

So how are Kerry and Edwards going to make me safer from terrorism? John Kerry has largely opposed increased defense and intelligent spending, even after 9/11. But those are just the kind of priorities that Punkvoter has. To them, raising taxes on the country to subsidize college tuitions is an issue that deserves a whole lot of empshasis but I have never heard Punkvoter or any of their bands speak strongly about terrorism.

I want to believe John Kerry when he says that he will do a better job than President Bush at fighting terrorism but he fails to mention how. His senate record doesn't convince me. He doesn't seem to see the value of a democratic Iraq in a post-9/11 world. His flip flopping opinions about Iraq (meant to make him "everything to everyone" I guess) dillude his credibility. And this is the man Punkvoter wants to be president. The defeat of terrorism appears to be on Senator Kerry's lips but not on his mind, just as it is not on the mind of Punkvoter.

Punkvoter believes America is ultimately to blame for terrorism. They believe our foreign policies are at fault. Our policies are not perfect but our aim has been and always has been to bring peace to that dangerous region. That is the aim of the war on terror, because a democratic Middle East will be peaceful.

People like Fat Mike, Anti Flag, Jello Biafra, Straylight Run, Bad Religion, et al will never believe what I just said because their foundation of thought lies in one axiom: "George Bush is a liar." They sound like our enemies. They sound just like Bin Laden when he says,
"Although we are ushering the fourth year after 9/11, Bush is still exercising
confusion and misleading you and not telling you the true reason."

Who is going to make us safer?

October 07, 2004
Punkvoter lies about draft
There is no draft. A lot of people have been talking about it but any fear of it has already been laid to rest since Congress overwhelmingly voted against legislation for it. At the same time major news outlets have finally come forth and reported that it was proposed by Democrats (not the "evil" Rupblicans). The man who drafted it, Charlie Rangel, ended up voting against it. Many people, including me, think that it was designed to do exactly what it accomplished: scare people.

But it is not an issue anymore. The draft bill is dead.

Unless you are Punkvoter. In Punkvoter world, a place where logic is absent, there is somehow something suspicious enough about a draft bill sponsored by Democrats and rejected by a 402-2 vote to say this:
"Congress brought up reinstating the draft legislation this week with only a few
short days of session left to play politics and try and silence our voice about
who is really fighting their war and why. (they tried to sneak this legislation
onto the Congressional calander to say they are against a draft - but don't be
folled by a political vote - this is the same bunch of folks that lied to us
about WMD and this war in the first place)"

Only people as paranoid as Fat Mike and Jello Biafra could turn the defeat of their draft fear mongering into a new conspiracy theory. Now they are claiming that there already exists a draft -- actually 3 -- in these forms:
  1. The Poverty Draft: "45 million Americans are without healthcare…and being drafted to fight their wars is not the answer!" Does this mean that if you don't have healthcare you will be drafted? Even their most ardent supporters most be able to see through this nonsense.
  2. The Backdoor Draft: "Thousands of our nation’s reserves our being forced to serve longer than they ever signed up for and put their family in major hardships…and being drafted to fight their wars is not the answer!" I'm sorry to tell you this but if you join the reserves you should know that you might be called up to active duty. That is the purpose of having the reserves!
  3. The Education Draft: "Education costs have risen 29% in the last three years, No Child Left Behind has not been fully funded and Pell Grant funding has forced kids to not be able to go to college…. being drafted to fight their wars is not the answer!!" How many people do you know could not afford to go to college? Better yet, how many people were so desperate for a job that they had to join the military? I know some people who joined the military for the education benefits... AND because they wanted to be in the military. This is not rocket science. Well, maybe it is to some punks...

When Punkvoter brings up the subject of the draft it is simply to SCARE you. That's how desperate they are to have Bush defeated in the election.

October 06, 2004
Punkvoter mischaracterizes Fox News audience
According to Punkvoter, people who watch Fox News are stupid: "Study reveals Fox News viewers to be dumb! We could've told ya that!"

Their proof? When comparing Bill O'Reilly's audience to the audience of The Daily Show, it was found that Daily Show viewers were more likely to have completed 4 years of college.

The same "intelligent" punks that claim that an entire military campaign was waged solely for oil now want to equate Bill O'Reilly's audience with the entire Fox News audience, and at the same time high five themselves for watching The Daily Show. Well I have news for you if you watch The Daily Show. It is not a serious news program! It is really sad if that is where you get your news from. It is despicably anti-Bush and anti-Republican, and often times bends the facts. That's ok because it is supposed to be that way. So watch it to laugh, not learn.

Now I have a question for Punkvoter... how many of your bands have completed 4 years of college???

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